Tile of Spain Awards 2017. Winners

28.11.2017 Awards

The veredict of XVI Tile of Spain Awards took place on 24th November 2017 in Castellón, with the prestigious architect Iñaki Ábalos as the jury chairman and Ángela García de Paredes, Víctor Navarro, Bak Gordon, Moisés Puente, Martín Azúa and Ramón Monfort as other jury members.

The architects Víctor Rahola and Jorge Vidal have been awarded the 16th ASCER’s Tile of Spain Award’s first prize for their project Mont-Ras winery in Girona in the Architecture category. Mont-Ras Winey is a space evolving from the essence of wine, ground and grapes. It was designed as a platform inside the earth with four main spaces and a roof-garden, taking in consideration all the specific conditions required for the wine production and conservation, such as temperature, space and light. The jury highlights the appropriate use of the material (brick) to the industrial and also rustic character of the program, which also shows the adaptation of the chosen material to the conformation of different geometries to the space, impregnating the whole with a very defined character.

In the Interior Design category the judges decided to award first prize to the project Three metro stations L9 Barcelona by Garcés – de Seta – Bonet Arquitectes. In Degree Project category the winner was Un jardín de paisajes: recuperación del entorno de la Muralla Zirí en el Albaicín (Granada). Nuevo centro vecinal y oficina de turismo, by Rafael López-Toribio Moreno from ETSA Granada.

Tile of Spain Awards 2017