Ceramic Architectures is a digital platform whose aim is to develop a database specialized in building works where ceramics are used as a main material in the design. The platform was conceived as a professional channel to transfer knowledge to technicians, students and researchers in the field of architecture.

PES Arkkitehdit - Culture and Art Centre
Located in Mawei New Town, facing the Minjiang River, the Strait Culture and Arts Centre of Fuzhou connects cities and communities along and over the Taiwan strait. It also establishes a relationship between people and culture.
Joan M. Seguí - Intermodal Station 
The access of Palma Intermodal Station focuses on the formation of a volume composed of a ceramic lattice. The proposal means the minimum transformation of the environment while emphasizing the entrance.
Cradle to cradle
Looking for paying a Portuguese tribute, Pedrita Studio was invited to create a panel for the rehabilitated Hotel do Convento Salvador. The mosaic which made from recycled tiles, combines the tradition of tiles and contemporary design.
Interview to Pedro Azara
Brick by Brick: Ceramics Applied to Architecture was the first exhibition devoted to uses, functions, symbolism and aesthetics of this material. In the video, the curator Pedro Azara, explains the importance of ceramics in architecture.
Cuyperspassage in Amsterdam
This is the name of the 110 metres long new tunnel coated by a manufactured tile tableau designed by Irma Boom. Thus, the panel connects the city and the waters of the IJ-river at Amsterdam Central Station.
Ceramic Architectures
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