Villarrobledo Clay Jars

30.10.2019 Innovation

Four centuries of pottery activity turn Villarrobledo into a world reference of this ancestral knowledge for the creation of clay jars. These pieces, unique for their characteristics and elaboration technique, were in another epoch the recipient par excellence for the elaboration and conservation of wine.

The jar industry evolved over the centuries, going from being an artisan activity that made small pottery pieces, to become a guild activity. The large number of ovens that existed in this locality prove this, reflecting the importance of this industry until the first half of the twentieth century. Likewise, the quality and quantity of the existing clay in this locality contributed in a decisive way to promote the evolution of this trade.

Today, Villarrobledo jars still use the same clay as their ancestors, although the way of extracting it has been modernised, replacing man with machine. What has been maintained is the way the jars are made, as well as the use of a particular type of clay that stands out for its resistance. Therefore, a strong material is obtained, capable of resisting the high temperatures necessary for cooking the pieces, with a soft touch and without porosities.