Cota Zero

10.09.2018 Work

The studio can ran arquitectura are the authors of the plastic intervention in the new atrium of Estação Sul and Sueste. It is part of the project for the expansion and remodeling of the Fluvial Station of the South and Sueste in Lisbon, the 1932 project of the architect Cottinelli Telmo. This extension, whose author is Atelier Daciano da Costa, aims to transform the Fluvial station into Interface, creating in this building the connection between the metropolitan and the Transtejo ships.

The support of this ceramic intervention is the ceiling and column assembly of the new Atrium of the Interface. It is intended that it develops in an inseparable way of space, merging it with architecture, but at the same time stands out and reinforces it. The ceiling with the dimensions of 17m by 23m is loose from the walls, has a right foot of 5.6m and is supported by 8 columns of 0.60m in diameter. Underneath this roof the stairs of access to the metropolitan emerge.