The world begins after every kiss

10.11.2018 Work

The photographer Joan Fontcuberta and the ceramist Antoni Cumella have come together to make this photomosaic mural located in Plaza de Isidre Nonell in Barcelona on the occasion of the Tercentenary of the fall of Barcelona in 1714.

This work has been made with the contribution of thousands of citizens. Pictures were collected after a call to the citizens to participate in this collaborative art project. They have sent personal images whose required theme was ‘moments of freedom’. With them, 4000 ceramic tiles were formed, distributed in 50 rows of 80 tiles each, which together form the image of kissing lips. Joan Fontcuberta said that it had been inspired by a phrase by Oliver Wendell Holmes “The noise of a kiss is not as deafening as a cannon, but its echo is more lasting.”