Infinity Blue

26.04.2019 Installation

Infinity Blue, the work designed by Grimshaw Architects and Studio Swine, is part of the Invisible Worlds exhibition, a title that refers to the world beyond our senses. The 20-ton, 9-metre-high installation contains 32 vortex cannons programmed to exhale perfumed fog rings. It is a way of representing the organism that provides the oxygen we take in each breath.

The sculpture is inspired by the prehistoric atmosphere of the earth and is the result of research into one of the first organisms to produce oxygen. “We were really interested in cyanobacteria, tiny oceanic organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. Yet they represent the largest biomass on our planet and create 70 per cent of the Earth’s atmosphere.”

The surface of Infinity Blue, designed by Studio Swine, is lined with oxide-enameled, steel-framed dark blue clay ceramic tiles manufactured by Darwen Terracotta. In addition, its texture is created from an algorithm inspired by the reaction-diffusion systems found in creatures such as zebras or corals. For the steam rings, Givaudan, a fragrance and flavor specialist based in Paris, has created a custom fragrance for the installation.