Kneaded Memory

15.05.2019 Installation

The Portuguese artist Dalila Gonçalves has developed “Kneaded Memory”, a garden of sculptures that currently occupy the Blankenbergue square in Flanders. The installation is composed of a series of pieces that resemble rocks and fragments with different shapes and sizes.

In order to develop the installation, the surface of the stones was mapped and the ceramic pieces were moulded so that they fit perfectly to these irregular and rounded surfaces. In this way, a grid was created to indicate where each decorative component would be placed permanently.

It is through this conjugation that Goçalves sought to cross the local Belgian narrative and the traditional Portuguese craft relationship with the ceramic tile manufacturing process. In fact, part of the surfaces of these shapes are covered with manufactured tiles that typically adorn the vibrant facades of his native country. In addition, since Flanders is historically renowned for the quality of its ceramics and tiles, the patterns of the tiles came from Blankenbergue.

Based on experimental play, the permeability of materials and the processes of artistic practice, Dalila Gonçalves delves into the relationship between kneaded memory and oblivion.

Kneaded Memory