Making Solo

20.11.2019 Artwork

The essence of the traditional construction technique for producing contemporary pieces remains intact in the Making Solo installation by Studio Errante Architettura. This group of young architects founded by Sarah Becchio and Paolo Borghino is based in Turin and develops projects at different scales, with special interest in the narrative part of the project.

Understanding architecture as a way of thinking about reality, each project is a discovery in which previous experiences are condensed and which, above all, opens up to unexpected scenarios. In particular, in this work, Becchio and Borghino reinterpet the production of ceramic pieces from tradition by creating new forms that allow innovative designs.

“The vacuum left by industry in some forms of production is clear. But it is this gap that allows us to offer unexpected forms through the use of traditional techniques that can be reinvented. The return to the consciousness of the process of making is the only political act of re-appropriation of any future. The process of doing and the result can only coincide. Mind, hands and eyes in an ancient ritual. An oven, a primordial laboratory. A happy refuge with experimentation. The symbolic realization of a new attitude of doing, in which the rite flows towards an archetypal image. Without nostalgia, only doing.”