A Factory As It Might Be

12.05.2020 Innovation

«A Factory As It Might Be» is a new architectural proposal at A/D/O by Assemble, Granby Workshop & collaborators. The project is part of the inaugural season of A/D/O’s Design Academy. Therefore, the installation takes the form of a ‘model factory‘, equipped with a single machine: an extruder, and a single material: clay.

The project takes its name from Morris’s 1884 article imagining the ideal factory as one where work, leisure and education are combined, in a building. In this factory, improvisation is introduced to a process so that each component produced is different and production is treated as a creative activity.

«A Factory As It Might Be» by Assemble, star out as a simple galvanized steel and wood structure of a building, the factory’s first products were designed to complete the building. A cladding of blue and white ceramic tiles was made for the facade that were produced using an industrial clay extruder and an electric kiln. Finally, alongside planters, dinnerware and door handles, creating a richly decorated building that is part workspace, part display space.

All images credited to Sam Nixon, Granby Workshop and Assemble.

A Factory As It Might Be