Interview to Toni Cumella

07.01.2020 Interview

Brick by Brick: Ceramics Applied to Architecture come back once more. We share with you the last interview which was held for exhibition Brick by Brick, held in the Museo del Diseño de Barcelona in 2017. This time, Toni Cumella deepens into the ceramic material from his experience as a ceramist. As told by mysths and confirmed by archaeological findings, clay has been the most widespread of building materials.

Ceramics have always fascinated the mast creative minds, who have challenged themselves to use this material’s legacy to project it into the future whit new system of productions, new laying techniques, new formats and new applications. Tis is especially obvious in the field of architecture, where in recent decades we have seen how its possibilities have been rediscovered.

This fact on clay and its capacity to be extruded, molded, modeled and handled is fundamental for considering the trinomial: material-industry-construction. Therefore, in this video Toni Cumella talks about the geology, the places, properties, chemistry of clay, production systems, techniques, fundamentals, shape, and fire. On the other hand, he reflect on the way to make it more widely known this knowledge among students and researchers in the field of architecture.